Sunday, April 18, 2010

Be Prepared - What you should bring to set!

On more than one occasion I have had to book extras on days that turned out being adverse weather conditions. Last night was one of them. At least it wasn't as cold as the last movie!

Unfortunately I don't have time to specifically write out every single thing you should do, bring, etc before these shoots. So I am creating this blog, that hopefully will be a reference for you on the next set you are booked on.

You should always be prepared:
1. Check the weather / road conditions - The show must go on. Rarely does a show cancel because of weather.

2. If we say you will be needed until 1am, don't expect to leave early. Rarely does a production finish ahead of schedule.

3. Bring a backpack of snacks / water / anything else you might need. Some sets provide craft service, some don't. I have no way of knowing until I get to set. If you think you might want to nibble on something, bring it with you. Better safe than sorry!

4. Wear shoes you can walk or stand in for hours. You don't know what your scene entails. And it's not our fault that you wore shoes that are uncomfortable. Very seldom will your shoes actually be shown in the shot, so go for comfort above style.

5. Parking. Each venue has different parking situations. Some you will park several blocks away, some you can park around the corner. Very rarely will you get front row parking as an extra. So be prepared to walk. Some sets put out "CREW" parking signs, so that's where you would park.

6. Chairs. Depending on the venue, we may or may not have available seating. Purchase a camping chair at walmart and keep in your trunk. Always better to be prepared.

7. Purses on set. Leave your purse in your trunk. If you decide to bring it to set and stick it in some random corner, we are not responsible for it going missing. Please don't bring it! I can't commit to watching it when I have other things I am doing pertaining to what the production company has hired me for. Unless you are specifically bringing a parent or someone to sit in the holding area to watch your valuables, don't bring them.

8. Bring 3 changes of clothing. Unless we specifically say there is no place to change, and to wear your outfit, you should always bring 3 different clothing options. This way you can be used in several scenes (representing different days) as needed.

This is just a short list of what you should bring / not bring to set with you.

Being prepared shows me that you are taking your job seriously, and are reading beyond the lines.